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No-code, an explanation
No-code means that you can build software applications without writing code yourself. It’s an alternative to traditional software development for non-technical people.
Why learn no-code

Entrepreneurship is about positive change, not code

The No-Code Academy aims to inspire and empower entrepreneurs, innovation teams and designers to launch great products without the hassle of traditional development. We focus on creating high value programs to help you become your own developer.
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Tired of lacking resources for innovation projects or endless ideation workshops? Get your corporate innovation up to speed with rapid prototyping with no-code.
Still looking for the perfect technical Co-Founder? Empower yourself and learn how to use no-code to create your digital business with no developer.
UX, UI, PRODUCT Designers
What if you could build what you design? Turn yourself into a fullstack designer capable of building a product from scratch to finish with no developer.

Individual programs for individual needs

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You want to broaden your skills

No-code essentials for early validation

Learn how to build prototypes and test business ideas with no developer.
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Introduction to no-code and different tools
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Creating websites and capturing leads
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Using online databases & automating processes
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Creating functional prototypes
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6 weeks
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10 slots
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4h total work-load per week
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Program details
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You have an idea you want to build

MVP building on with expert coaching

Acquire the latest skills and build your product idea without hiring developers.
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Introduction to
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Learning data structure & management
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Design and Responsiveness
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Using workflows to create sophisticated logic
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You work on your own idea
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12 weeks
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Expert support
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Your own project
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Program details
Why learn no-code
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Our Swiss tutors have a broad experience when it comes to validating business ideas and teaching no-code development.
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Flexible schedule
We offer a mix of video tutorials, homework and live sessions to make the most out of your time during our programs.
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Join a community
Every program will have its own dedicated community with which you can collaborate, discuss and simply connect.
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No-code certification
Become certified for each program after you successfully complete every milestone in the program.
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Satisfaction guaranteed
We offer every student a 100% moneyback guarantee. If you’re unhappy, you get your money back. As simple as that.
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Swiss dedication
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All of our tutors are based  in Switzerland and close to you. 👋
Our experience

We live and breathe no-code

We, the people behind the No-Code Academy, first deep dived into no-code to scratch our own itch. While applying it in the real world, we quickly saw the power that lies within this movement. We now preach no-code in Switzerland to inspire and empower as many people as possible to create.
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We offer our no-code skills as an agency-service for entrepreneurs and corporates who want to learn and build fast at the fraction of the traditional agency-costs.
logo minimum viable conference
2021 was the first year we held the Minimum Viable Conference in Switzerland. It’s all about spreading the word of no-code and validating business ideas rapidly.
We create and curate relevant content for no-code enthusiasts in Switzerland. We also offer education and resources for people to get started with no-code.

Learn how to test business ideas and build applications without code.

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