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No-code essentials for early validation

Learn how to build prototypes and test business ideas with no developer.
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You want to broaden your skills and get up to speed with no-code
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Learn the Basics and become a No-Coder

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll learn in this 6 weeks program.
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Introduction into smoke testing without code
How to build a website and capture your first lead!
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Databases & Automation
How to work with data and use different tools to automate processes.
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Creating functional Prototypes
You’ll learn the basics of web-app development and build your first functional prototype. All with no-code 🚀
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What you can do after this program

You now have a deep understanding of what no-code is and a broad know-how of the relevant platforms for your future ideas. With your new toolset, you will be able to enjoy life without code and test new business ideas on your own.
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Know-how & Toolset
You know your way around a proper no-code toolset and you'll now be able to test your future ideas all by yourself.
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Fake it 'til you make it
You will be able to set up smoke tests to check your value proposition and mock sales without a developer.
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Prototyping Basics
You will know the basics on how to build functional prototypes without code and will have built some yourself.

Our methodology

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Each week starts with video content and other resources that may help you learn a specific topic. The content is available during the entire program so you can refresh your knowledge anytime.
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We hold a live session every week for all participants. You get a chance to update us on your progress and hear from your fellow students. Each check-in ends with a special input so make sure to be there!
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1 on 1’s
Each participant receives credits for 2 individual sessions of 30 minutes that you can schedule throughout the program. This gives you the chance to ask very specific questions and accelerate your learning experience. Further sessions can be booked based on your needs.
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Homework & Milestones
After each module, you need to pass an assessment. This can be seen as hands-on homework for which you receive personalized feedback and recommendations. It's a great opportunity to learn and validate your knowledge. Good to know: these are milestones you need to pass to get certified.
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Details of this program

Save a place in your calendar. Here are the most important aspects of this program.
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6 weeks part-time
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Suited for Beginners
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4h estimated workload per week (including self-study)
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10 slots per program (4 minimum)
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A typical week in this program

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Be part of a community

Every program will have a dedicated space where you can connect with the other students, discuss and share!

We’re all in this together 🤓
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Swiss dedication

The teachers

Discover who will teach you how to build software without code. We have years of experience in validating business ideas with no-code tools, for our own needs or for others! This program was carefully designed based on all our learnings.
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We’re all Switzerland based and close to you 👋
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Daniel Abebe
Former Chief Marketing Officer at Advanon, Daniel deep dived in visual development to bring his own ideas to life without the usual hassle of learning how to code or finding a co-founder. He's also a guest-lecturer at the ZHAW, Zurich University of Applied Sciences.
Image of teacher fabian gmür
After learning no-code for several side-projects, Fabian established no-code as the perfect toolbox to validate ideas at his former employer Scout24 where he worked as Team Lead for the Product Incubation Team.
Image of teacher stefan egger
Stefan egger
He used to be limited in bringing his ideas to life by just being a designer. Stefan learned the no-code craft from Daniel and Fabian. Superboosted by several no-code tools, he’s now able to develop what he designs.
We offer support in 3 languages!
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Our experience

We live and breathe no-code

We, the people behind the No-Code Academy, first deep dived into no-code to scratch our own itch. While applying it in the real world, we quickly saw the power that lies within this movement. We now preach no-code in Switzerland to inspire and empower as many people as possible to create.
logo huggystudio
We offer our no-code skills as an agency-service for entrepreneurs and corporates who want to learn and build fast at the fraction of the traditional agency-costs.
logo minimum viable conference
2021 was the first year we held the Minimum Viable Conference in Switzerland. It’s all about spreading the word of no-code and validating business ideas rapidly.
logo no-code.ch
We create and curate relevant content for no-code enthusiasts in Switzerland. We also offer education and resources for people to get started with no-code.
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Become a certified no-coder

Pass all milestones and receive your no-code.ch certification "No-code essentials for early validation"

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Questions? Check out our FAQs.

Is the program in English?
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Yes, all videos and resources are in English. Anyhow, we provide support in English, German and French.
Do you provide financial assistance?
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Shoot out a message to info@huggystudio.com and we will find a solution together.
Are the program and certificates 100% online?
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Today, yes. In the future, we will plan a physical get together after each p so we can celebrate and get to know each other better.
How flexible is the schedule? E.g. when I’m on holidays.
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Apart from the weekly 1h live check-ins, you can schedule your work flexibly according to your availability. If you once miss a live session you can rewatch it and hand in your homework later.
How long is the certification valid?
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As the no-code landscape quickly changes it is important to stay up to date. So a refresher session every year is needed to keep the certification valid.
What payment options do you have?
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You will receive a bill once you sign up. If you wish to pay with another method, please reach out to us.
What background knowledge is necessary?
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You obviously don't need to know how to code. The more tech savvy you are, the easier it will be to learn.
Can I join the program outside of Switzerland?
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The program is addressed to participants from Switzerland. To participate from outside of Switzerland, shoot us an e-mail.
Do you still have a question? Get in touch